About Us

We are the famous and professional marked cards manufacturer and marked cards supplier in Guangzhou China, wholesale and retail marked playing cards and poker tricks devices, etc. We, Marked Cards Poker Online website, have more than ten years in dealing marking card fields that have attracted the hearts of magicians and professional poker players of all ages around the world.


Thanks to high-tech infrared contact lenses, we can read invisible ink glasses poker with luminous ink markings. Thanks to magic deck analyzer with poker cheat software, we can know poker results with barcode marked cards. Thanks to IR poker camera, we can see through infrared ink marked cards like reading regular playing cards.

We stock high quality marked cards, marked cards contact lenses, marked playing cards with glasses, infrared ink sunglasses, gamble x ray contact lenses, luminous ink kit for marking cards, poker analyzer, playing cards scanner, IR camera and poker dices devices, etc.

Payment and Shipping

We are online marked cards store, but a few of them don't know how to order marked cards and playing cards devices. You can approach the marked cards supplier for consulting the function of marked cards equipment and then confirm the products you are in need of. As for the payment, we accept Western Union. You can do it online or go to the office in your local. We will send out the products in accordance with your order after your payment by FedEx, TNT, DHL, Postal Package, etc.


Many customers will ask us about the guarantee if they didn't get the parcel or get poor quality products. We have many customers all over the world, especially Europe and America and I also hope to establish a long-term good relationship with you. If there's any questions about products quality, we'd like to change the new one for you. Additionally, we have the responsibility to protect your privacy. And we understand that you do not want your personal information which you give us to spread to the public, so we will state clearly how to protect your information, how to collect your information and how to use your information.