High-tech Poker Cheat Props

Marked Cards Poker shop has been devoted to supply the best poker cheating tools for many years. Each poker player wants to win every card games and that's why they spend much time and energy on practicing. Here, Marked Cards Poker shop can provide you a shortcut to victory.

There are various poker cheating props available in our shop. For example, use the infrared contact lenses or perspective sunglasses to see the invisible markings on the back of marked playing cards. The markings are unnoticeable to human's nude eyes. While the barcode marked deck could be detected by poker analyzer and poker scanner. Besides, the naked scanning lens can be put into many object, such as car key, smoke lighter, water bottle, leather belt and power bank. They work well with almost any poker analysis system, like CVK predictor, AKK A2 poker odds calculator and PK King analyzer. These products are sold in Britain, America, Japan, Italy, Russia and South East Asia etc, which are well appreciated by their purchasers.

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