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Cup Scanner With Casino Magic Dices Cheating

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  • Have you ever heard of the scanning dice cup which will help you in the dice? Scanning dice cup is one of the processed dice devices. It is different from any other cheat dice products, such as remote control dice or the gravity dice, because we process the dice cup and bowl instead of the dice.We insert a secret monitor lens inside the dice cup or bowl. There is no necessary that the di... Read More >
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Inductive Casino Cheating Dices With Micro Chip
What is induction dice? Induction dice is a kind of magic tricks dice that you can feel its pips after it was thrown. And it has another name called Radio dice.Why you can feel its pips?A set of induction dice are including radio dice, radio transmitter, battery and sensor. We insert a micro chip and baterry into the dices. Once th... Read More >
Wireless Remote Control Dices For Sale
The TV set has a remote control. The air conditioning also has a remote control. And our dice has a remote control which is called remote control dice.The entire wireless remote control dice devices include a remote control board, remote controller and remote control dices. With our remote control dice, it is easy for you to change the po... Read More >
Mercury Casino Magic Trick Dices
It is a little dice, but it has enormous magic in it. The magic will help you always be a winner in the dice game.This is a mercury dice filled with mercury inside the dice which looks like the normal dice. What is more, this little modification makes the dice asymmetric so that the probability of each outcome is unequal.If you want th... Read More >
Remote Control Dices for Casino Games
Many people like playing dice game, and if they want to make sure they can win the game, they will figure out some ways, such as using the casino magic dice. And except for using in the dice games, casino magic dice is also used in poker game. For example, you can use the remote control dice to decide who the first hand is in Texas Holdem and Om... Read More >
Permanent Points Loaded Dice For Casino Dice Tricks Game
On most of time, God of Gamblers is actually more dependent on equipment, not skills. For example, if you want to win in casino game, marked cards products can help you; and if you want to success in dice game, magic tricks fixed dice is good choice for you.Fixed dice is also called gravity dice. Fixed dice means that you can always get t... Read More >
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