Lion Marked Playing Cards For Sale

  • Plastic Lion Invisible Ink Marked Cards
  • Plastic Lion Invisible Ink Marked Cards
  • Plastic Lion Invisible Ink Marked Cards
  • Plastic Lion Invisible Ink Marked Cards

    Lion poker cards are 100% plastic playing cards, their size is poker size 2 jumbo index, regular graphics on the backside, and each deck is packed with paper box.

    Lion poker we are selling is not common playing cards, they are special marked cards with invisible ink marks printed on the back of the playing cards, and Lion marked cards are produced for playing cards cheating entertainment. We have ten years of experience in making invisible marked cards, for the past ten years, we have been making progress in the technology of printing marks, the marks on the back of playing cards cannot be seen by any naked eyes, Lion marked cards can be used only when wearing our special infrared contact lenses.

    Lion plastic cards we are selling available in red and blue, we always mark red cards with big font in the middle and blue cards with small font in four corners of the playing cards, or you can have your own backside graphic design, we can also mark according to your needs.

    Product Information

    Decks: 1

    Size: Poker Size

    Index: Jumbo 2 Index

    Colors: Red and Blue

    Material: Plastic

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    • Name: Richard2019-01-19 05:15:21

    • Content: Please what’s app me or send me about the X-ray lenses as I’m really intrested. Does it really work and what price. I’m in sa . Will I be able to get them
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    • Name: Nadeesh khan2019-01-13 15:54:00

    • Content: Please also send me details and prices for x ray contact lenses
    • Reply: Thank you for your inquiry about contact lenses, we will contact you with Email

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