Invisible Ink Pen Card Marking Ink Kit

Cards marking kit includes the invisible ink, the marker pen, and infrared contact lenses, perspective sunglasses.

There is another solution when you are unable to change the playing cards into the marked deck. Getting the magic trick kit that you can make the invisible marks on the playing cards during a poker game.

But how to mark the cards with the invisible ink marker pen?

Firstly, you have to get one piece of the polarized ink pen, and prepare the clean playing cards. Secondly, you should write down the sign quickly on the back of the playing cards. Thirdly, wait for 10 seconds, let the card marking ink dry naturally. The last step is wearing our luminous ink contact lenses or marked cards glasses, then you can read the magic marks on back of the deck.

Choose the high quality cards marking kit, let it be your magic tool in the poker game.