Aviator Barcode Marked Decks for Poker Reader

Aviator marking cards is widely used on the magic show and poker game. One of the most efficient type marking poker is Aviator barcode deck, which is normally used to be scanned by the poker scanner or poker cheat analyzer. It called efficient due to its function. As it can help the poker player or cards magician to get the winner result within a second.

As the original Aviator is made by paper, it is plastic coated cards. The cost of it is cheaper than the 100% plastic type. We are engaged in producing aviator barcode marked cheating deck for many years with specialty printer. We could offer the best quality marked playing cards and the Aviator standard marking quality with favorable price as you needs.

This kind of Aviator marking cards for poker scanner can apply to different poker game, such as Texas Hold’em game, Omaha game, Flush game.