Fournier Bicycle Prestige Barcode Marked Cards for Poker Analyzer

Poker is a game of skill, luck, and strategy. But what if you could have a secret weapon that can give you an edge over your opponents? What if you could know the cards of your opponents and the outcome of the game before anyone else? That's what the Fournier Bicycle Prestige barcode marked cards for poker analyzers can do for you. These are not ordinary Bicycle cards but special ones that are made of 100% plastic by Fournier in Spain and marked with invisible barcodes by our company.

In this introduction, we will explain what Fournier Bicycle Prestige barcode marked decks are, how they work with a poker analyzer, and why you should choose them for your games.

What are Fournier Bicycle Prestige Barcode Marked Cards?

Fournier Bicycle Prestige barcode marked cards are regular playing cards with hidden barcodes machined around their edges. The barcode is invisible to the naked eye but can be scanned and operated by a special device called Poker Analyzer. The barcode contains information about the suit and the card's value, which can be used to predict the game's outcome.

Barcode marked cards are different from other types of marked cards, such as luminous marked cards or infrared marked cards, which require special contact lenses or sunglasses to see the markings. Fournier Bicycle Prestige barcode marked cards are more secret and safe because only the user who has the poker analyzer can know the information of the cards.

Blue Fournier Bicycle Prestige Playing Cards

Red Fournier Bicycle Prestige Cards

How do Fournier Bicycle Prestige Barcode Marked Cards Work with Poker Analyzer?

Fournier Bicycle Prestige barcode marked cards work with a machine called a poker analyzer. It is a device that can scan the barcode on the edge of the card and analyze the information. It can also be connected to a mini earpiece, transmitting the result to the user. The user can choose different game modes on the poker analyzer, such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat, etc. The modern poker analyzer not only calculates the odds but also tells the user who will be the winner or what is the best hand in each round with 100% accuracy. The user can make the best decision accordingly.

Marked Fournier Bicycle Prestige Cards work with barcode analyzer phone

Why Choose Fournier Prestige Bicycle Barcode Marked Cards for Poker Analyzer?

Fournier Prestige Bicycle marked cards are one of the best choices for poker players who want an advantage in games. Here are some reasons why you should choose them:

  • Fournier, a leading European playing card manufacturer, has a long history and a high reputation in the card industry. Its technology can better improve the quality.

  • 100% plastic material makes the cards more durable and resistant to bending, scratching, and fading. They can last up to 50 times longer than paper cards.

  • A smooth surface and a good hand feel make players have a comfortable and enjoyable game experience. They are suitable for both professional and casual players.

  • The barcodes are marked on four edges of the cards. No matter where you place your poker analyzer, it can scan the barcode easily and clearly. And these barcodes are undetectable by others.

  • Fournier Bicycle Prestige marked cards can work with any kind of poker analyzer in the market, such as CVK, AKK, PK King, etc. They are compatible and reliable.

  • Getting more information in advance is the winning point for you. Fournier Prestige Bicycle marked deck can let you know your opponents' cards and make better decisions accordingly. You will have more control and advantage in the game.


From the above, we introduce some basic information about Fournier Bicycle Prestige barcode marked cards. After reading through that, you can better understand the advantages of these cards. With a poker analyzer, these marked cards will be very helpful for players who want to have an edge in games. If you are interested in these barcode marked cards, please contact us for more details and prices.

Product Details

Price: Contact us for prices

Brand: Fournier, Bicycle

Original: Spain

Material: 100% Plastic

Colors: Red, Blue

* Invisible barcode markings on all 4 edge sides of the cards.
* For phone poker analyzer camera, External barcode camera.




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