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    What is induction dice? Induction dice is a kind of magic tricks dice that you can feel its pips after it was thrown. And it has another name called Radio dice.

    Why you can feel its pips?

    A set of induction dice are including radio dice, radio transmitter, battery and sensor. We insert a micro chip and baterry into the dices. Once the induction dice stop after you throwing it, the radio transmitter will send the signal to the sensor and you can know the pips by the shaking ways of the sensor.

    How you feel its pips?

    The sensor has six ways to match the six faces of a dice respectively. One long shake, one short shake, two long shake, two short shake, one long shake and one short shake, and the last way is no response.

    For example, if you ask to 1 pip corresponds to one long shake and 2 pips corresponds to one long shake and one short shake, then when you get 2 pips, the sensor will shake two times with one time long and one time short. Therefore, you can know the points in advance.

    The battery of the receiver is replaceable while the battery of the induction dice is running out.

    Product Information

    Color: Colorful

    Size: Normal

    Material: Wood, Plastic, Acrylic

    Application: Magic

    Teaching Mode: Video Instruction

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