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Infrared Invisible Ink Contact Lenses For Green Eyes

  • Green Eyes Infrared Contact Lenses For Playing Cards
  • Do you expect a perfect magic show? Do you want to know how to keep winning in the poker game? If you can not bear to be an always loser in the game, if you eager for a successful magic performance, the following UV invisible ink contact lenses should be your best partner in the game or in the magic show.Perspective invisible ink contact lenses are specially designed to see invisible ink... Read More >
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Marked Playing Cards With Infrared Contact Lenses For Grey Eyes
Our infrared gray eyes contact lenses are a kind of playing cards contact lenses which we process them with special material in the center of the lenses. After being processed, it can see the invisible ink marks of marked playing cards. Under the white light, especially the energy-saving light, you can see the markings more clearly. More im... Read More >
UV / IR Invisible Ink Contact Lenses for Marked Poker Cards
We all know that the invisible ink contact lenses for marked playing cards are very popular all over the world. Although the appearance of invisible ink contact lenses is the same as normal contact lenses. However, These kind of contact lenses can identify the marks of the marked card. As long as you put it on and you can easily identify it.... Read More >
Poker Cheat Contact Lenses | IR Cards Lenses
How to purchase a pair of magic cheating cards lenses? We have poker cheating lenses for sale. When we are purchasing a product, any kind of products, it is a little troublesome to make a choice. If we want to choose a high quality product, we need some professional knowledge of the product. Even if we do not learn the professional knowledge of ... Read More >
UV Invisible Ink Contact Lenses
Now many customers are worried that wearing such UV invisible ink contact lenses to see invisible ink marks will be found by others. So many customers are urgent to find a transparent UV contact lens. So is there really exist this kind transparent UV contact lens?Here I can clearly tell you that such transparent contact lens is nonexisten... Read More >
Invisible Ink And Glasses To Read The Ink
Our silver infrared sunglasses are very similar to the aviator infrared sunglasses. But the difference is that the eyeglasses of this kind of latest infrared sunglasses were plated silver.Our silver infrared sunglasses look like the ordinary sunglasses in appearance and no one finds special. It is safer in comparison with the earlier versio... Read More >
Golden Glasses That See Invisible Ink Marked Cards
The latest glasses with golden frame and infrared filter are one kind of marked poker cards tricks devices in the market. It is fashionable sunglasses with the function of reading hidden backside secret invisible luminous ink marks. Actually, it is poker sunglasses cheating with marked deck of cards which are glasses to read invisible ink or gla... Read More >
Gambling Glasses for Invisible Ink Marked Cards
Gambling glasses for invisible ink marked cards have been one of the most useful cheating devices for reading marked playing cards. Here are the advantages of gambling sunglasses.Firstly the surface of the perspective sunglasses is a pair of ordinary fashionable sunglasses. But the secret of perspective sunglasses is in the inside lenses.... Read More >
Plastic Glasses That Can See UV Invisible Ink Marked Cards
Our plastic infrared sunglasses look like 3D glasses that we often wear to see the movie. What is more, a quite big secret was hidden in the plastic infrared glasses.Plastic black frame and plastic purple eyeglasses make up plastic sunglasses. There have no differences between the common sunglasses and the plastic infrared sunglasses. Compa... Read More >
Black Eyes Contact Lenses That Can See Invisible Ink Marked Cards
This unique black eyes infrared contact lens can be used in the poker game, assisting user who have black eyes winning the game. With the help of this unique infrared contact lens, user can see the numbers and suits on the back of cards they get while other players can not see the invisible ink marks.These cards are not normal cards, whic... Read More >
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