Gambling Glasses for Invisible Ink Playing Cards

Gambling glasses for invisible ink marked cards have been one of the most useful cheating devices for reading marked playing cards. Here are the advantages of gambling sunglasses.

Firstly the surface of the perspective sunglasses is a pair of ordinary fashionable sunglasses. But the secret of perspective sunglasses is in the inside lenses. No one will doubt it. Modified sunglasses that filter out visible light and let you see the mark on the back of marked poker cards. It is also called infrared sunglasses.

Secondly, if you have a desire to win in a poker game, poker cheating sunglasses is your powerful assistant in poker games.

You can use gambling sunglasses in any poker game without any restrictions. It can be easy to carry and comfortable to wear. At last, when you put on your gambling cheating glasses, you will not only get the information of marked cards quickly but also prevent other poker players from reading your facial information. If you are a novice, you need to wear gambling sunglasses to cover the expression on your face. So poker players will have more advantages to win the poker game with poker perspective sunglasses.

Gambling glasses for cheat are considered as the best way for those who don't like marked cards contact lenses. It is much convenient and no special requirement for you to keep them. Different frames, different colors and even various shapes of poker cheating glasses are available at a fair price but with high quality. Even wear for a long time, you will feel no pain on your eyes.

Product Details

Material: Glass, Polarized

Detected Marks: UV Marks,IR Marks

Style: Simple and Fashionable

Application: Poker Gambling

Size: Regular

Delivery Time: 3 working days




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