A-plus Marked Cards Poker for Different Systems

A-plus marked cards poker can be applied in most poker gambling in casino. They are very popular in poker cheating because of their professional casino quality. All our A-plus cards are imported from the country of origin. Processed by our specialized and sophisticated technicians, A-plus marked cards poker becomes a effective tool to help you to win in poker games. We mark A-plus cards for different systems.

A-plus marked cards for contact lenses

For this kind of marked cards, we have professional printer to make markings on the backside of playing cards. These cards are so-called contact lenses marked cards. That is to say, when you use A-plus contact lenses marked cards, you need to wear marked cards contact lenses or special sunglasses. Only in this way, you can see through the markings of numbers and suits of poker cards.

There are two forms of making A-plus marked poker cards. One is to mark a big font in the middle of the cards. The other is to make small fonts on the four corners. Also, you can design your unique markings. Our technicians will make the best marked playing cards for you according your requirements.

A-plus marked cards for poker analyzer

As to this kind of marked playing cards, so-called barcode marked cards, we use invisible ink to mark along cards' edges. You need a poker analyzer to detect the markings. The poker analyzer will get the information of playing cheating cards and analyze the data, then report you the results. Hence, with the help of barcode cards and the poker analyzer, you can get the absolute advantage in the games you play.

All in all, A-plus marked cards poker for different systems very deserve to have. Different types of mark cards have their own advantages. They all depend on what you need. Hurry up and choose the one you like best.

Product Details

A-plus marked playing cards for different systems very deserve to have. Different types of mark cards have their own advantages.

Price: Contact us for price

Original Deck: A-plus playing cards

Material: 100% Plastic

Cards Reader: Poker Analyzer System, Marked Cards Contact Lenses

Markings: Invisible ink markings on the card back or on the side of the card




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