Bicycle Stripper Magic Trick Marked Decks

Stripper Deck Bicycle by US Playing Card Company, is one of the outstanding poker cards of Bicycle series. Available in classical red and blue, there are two bicycle pattern on the back. In many popular magic performances and poker cheating games, Bicycle marked poker are welcomed by people.

Magic Bicycle marked deck comes with markings on the back that allows us to read the selection card without even seeing it? The answer is yes. However, the process is not easy. You must spend some time to practice and get used to using this type of traditional marked playing card, so that you can know the exact card at one glance.

There are several ways to make a magic Stripper Bicycle marked playing cards. Coloring heavier or lighter at certain spot is the easiest way. Making changes to certain lines or adding some patterns on the back of poker are also feasible. The most important prerequisite is that these markings are not easily found by others.

Product Information

Brand: Bicycle

Origin: USA

Available Color: Blue & Red

Material: Paper

Size: 9x6.6cm

Delivery Time: 3 working days




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