Copag Marked Cards

Being one of the best plastic playing cards, Copag poker cards can be marked well to be advanced marked cards, including the invisible ink marked cards for contact lenses and barcode marked decks for scanner analyzer.

No matter it's plastic Copag 1546 series playing cards or Brazil paper Copag 139 playing cards or other models, our team of cards marking technicians can mark them well according to your need.

How to Choose Copag Marked Cards

Try to Choose Copag marked cards on MARKED CARDS POKER online shop is a good start to play tricks. They are available for different reading systems.

No matter what brands of playing cards, they could be processed to marked cards poker. You can choose different marked cards from our company. Copag marked card is one of the best one.

Copag Infrared Contact Lenses Marked Cards

This is the most common Copag marked poker cards for sale. These cards can work with infrared contact lenses or luminous ink sunglasses kit. It is clear to help you see those invisible ink marks on the back and then you can know poker point or poker suit of each marked deck of card. You can use these marked Copag card and playing cards contact lenses in different kinds of poker games. Texas Holded, Omaha and Blackjack are the most mentioned games when using the Copag infrared contact lenses marked cards. Not only it is wonderful poker cheating devices for helping you, but also you are able to get a large amount of money.

For the invisible marks on the back for marked cards contact lenses, we can mark it with big number and suit on the middle or small marks of numbers and suits in four corners. Also there are other marking models that we can mark for special use. if you have any special requirements about markings and need large quantity of decks, you can have our technicians customize that for your.

Copag Barcode Marked Cards

Normal Copag poker cards could be processed to barcode marked poker cards (also called edge marked playing cards). Our professionals have made invisible ink barcodes on four sides of poker cards. These invisible barcodes are scanned by poker cameras which need to work together with poker analyzers.

By decoding the markings of Copag cards, poker card analyzer can give players the direct and 100 percent correct poker results, such as the best poker hand, the community card (fold, turn and river) and other results as shown in the setting. No matter you are a amateur or a pro of poker game, you would have a good command of it within a very short time.

Infrared Copag Marked Playing Cards

IR Copag marked cards are not same as the above two kinds of poker cards. They are only work with special camera, which means they can't be read by all infrared contacts and all poker analyzer (with local camera or wireless cameras). Because of this point, it is considered as the best and the most safe poker cheating tool by many poker players. This one would suitable for those who are able to install the infrared contact camera in the place where they play the poker games. In that only Only at a certain height, the camera read the Copag IR marked deck of cards on the whole poker table. Of course, for the question, such as how does this lens look like, you can click here for more details.

All in all, for how to choose Copag marked cards, you may have a clear idea after reading this article. Except the Copag brand, we also have other poker brands available for different card reading systems. Welcome to contact us if you want more information.

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