Jumbo Bicycle ESP Marked Decks With Subtly Marked Back

How does the magician see through the cards that the lucky audience choose? Does he really read mind? Of course not. Many magicians will choose cards with the marks on backs. They can know the cards content according to the marks on Jumbo Bicycle ESP decks. The marks can be printed in any places of the marked cards backs. And you can even design your own marks, simple and clear. Some complicate marks are not supplied because of printing technology.

Unlike other playing cards, Bicycle Jumbo ESP marked decks only have 25 cards consisting of 5 symbols per set, and five sets per deck. They are not poker cards for poker gambling, but for magic shows. Many magicians like using Jumbo Bicycle ESP marked cards to to make super-human and extra-sensory power magic performance.

Product Details

Color: blue

Origin: USA

Available for: magic tricks

Material: Paper

Size: poker size, jumbo index

Delivery Time: 3 working days




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