KEM Poker Cheat & Magic Tricks Marked Cards

KEM marked cards consists of 100% PVC plastic. It is highly waterproof and can be used for long time. It is a kind of anti poker cheating device which is poplar poker cards among professional poker players.

According to the marking type, KEM decks can be divided into 4 types. The first type is contact lenses marked cards, the second type is infrared camera marked cards, the third type is barcode marked deck, the 4th is ultimate marking poker. The first 3 types marked cards are unable to be read by the naked eyes, it can be detected by deferent cards cheating tool accordingly. The last type is special code to read by the naked eyes. Only the marking people can understand the secret code. You can buy any type marked cards KEM from us, it never disappointed you.

Due to the flexibility and durable of KEM marked cards, most of our regular customers use this poker cards for having fun in Texas Holdem and Omaha poker game.