Quality Modiano Skull Poker Marked Cards

For Modiano Skull cards, you may hear it for the first time cause it is new poker cards that launched in the poker market in the first time. As a supplier of pro marked cards, with over 10 years experience, we have got abundant background from which to speak. And also for gambling and card magic show, quality Modiano Skull marked cards would catch a number of players and magicians attention.

Given you never use the marked playing cards, there are two things that you need to know: marked poker cards require to work with poker perspective system (infrared contact lenses as well as poker cheating sunglasses). On the other thing, the markings are not permanent. After knowing about these points, you may come up with the these following questions:

1. Why we have to wear poker perspective system to read Modiano Skull marked cards?

2. How much long can marking last? And how much it is? Is it affordable?

For the first question, it is related to working principle of invisible ink marked cards. For now, the technology for marking cards are totally different to the previous systems, which highly improve the security for those who apply these poker cards in the gambling or card magic shows. Because the markings on the back of Modiano Skull marked cards are totally invisible to our human eyes. Our technicians adopted some bands of the spectrum while process this special marked poker cards. So normal contact lenses, glasses and our human eyes can't see the slightest markings when we're looking at these cards.

Considered about the second question, after hundreds of tests, the numbers and font in invisible ink can last as long as 6 months. This is the best time duration for you to try the magic card. If you keep using this card until the markings totally disappear, it may takes years. Isn't it amazing? For this deck of Modiano Skull marked cards price, we would have a big discount if you buy it in bulk. For any magicians and players, it is affordable to buy beyond doubt.

Product Details

Price: Contact us for price

Original Deck: Modiano Skull

Material: 100% Plastic

Marking Patterns: Big font in the middle, 4 small fonts on the corners, Customize

Cards Reader: Infrared Contact Lenses, Poker Cheating Glasses

Application: Poker Card Games, Card Magic




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