NTP Luminous Ink Marked Playing Cards

Though NTP poker cards are not famous for Bicycle, Copag playing cards, it is an indisputable fact that there are still quite a few people who like this kind of playing card very much. Most of NTP poker cards are made of 100 percent PVC material, exerting good influences on its durability. That is one of the dominant reason why some people consider it as the finest playing cards they used.

You must be surprised when I tell you other shinning point of NTP playing cards. All of NTP playing cards no matter paper cards or plastic cards can be the very powerful poker cheating devices in the games. Machining NTP cards by professional card printing machine with luminous ink, each NTP card will has a back mark. The mark that can spread on the four corners or locate on the middle includes suit and number. As for the mark pattern, you can customize any kind as you wish. Here all of your needs on NTP juice marked playing cards can be fully satisfied.