Bicycle Playing Cards

Bicycle playing cards are the most suitable cards for magicians. Literally, each magician has one deck Bicycle poker cards in their pocket. Bicycle is one of the biggest manufacturer and supplier of poker playing cards.

The size of the Bicycle playing card is the international standard playing card size: 8.8*6.3cm, while the ordinary playing card (which should be called "bridge" in fact) is the international standard bridge size: 8.7*5.8cm.And, Bicycle poker is printed Air Cushion Finish which is a finest and very professional card printing technology for ordinary playing cards. In terms of size, printing, paper, flexibility and longevity, it is much better than ordinary playing cards since Bicycle playing are made of three sheets of paper. Don’t underestimate this method, many manufacturers and suppliers prefer to use one sheet of paper to produce poker cards because its cost is much lower. Correspondingly, the quality of cards is lower as well. Hence, if you want to play a good quality poker cards, Bicycle playing cards are the optimal choice for you! By the way, all Bicycle playing cards can be made into marked decks.