Blackjack Shoes Casino Cheating Devices Reader for Barcode Deck

Most of the edge side barcode marks juiced cards cameras are used for Texas Holdem and Omaha cards cheating game, but now we invented a side mark barcode reader for Baccarat.
The laser barcode cards marking camera is built inside the blackjack shoe, so it also called blackjack shoe side barcode reader. What is more, it has no difference with the original one from the appearance. The most outstanding feature of this blackjack shoe cards cheating scanner is that you no need to always concern about its scanning distance during the poker games, because the barcode juiced cards are put into the blackjack shoe, you no need to change its position. So, you can more enjoy the game. There are batteries that provide power for this blackjack shoe scanning camera. So, when the battery is running low, you can charge for it.
The blackjack shoe cards scanning lens can scan the invisible ink barcode marked playing cards and the data will be sent to poker anlyzer devices. After the predictor system analyzing the scanning data, it will tell you the results of poker games. You can imagine how convenient of it.
With this blackjack shoe bar code marked cards scanner, you are just waiting to win because it is not require you to adjust the scanning position. In a word, this blackjack shoe hidden code marks scanner is convenient, reliable and helpful.

Product Information

Camera: 1

Scanning Distance: About 10-35cm

Scanning Width: About 10cm

Battery life: 4 hours

Application: Poker Games

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days


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