Car Key Bar-code Marked Cards Scanner

If you often play poker game, such as blackjack, 7 cards, Omaha, etc, you will know that players are not allowed to put the telephone on the poker table. On this circumstance, a carrier is needed. We put the barcode poker camera into the car key poker cheating devices, the power bank, lighter, or the cuff button.

Car key poker scanner is for short-range distance, about 8-15 cm; is perfect for seat 1 and seat 10 in the poker table. Set up the analyzer with game type, the number of players, connecting with the external scanner and put the analyzer into pocket. Finding the perfect place for the car key scanner, facing it to the edge of the cards, and just a flash time, you will know who is the best hand in 7 cards game.

If you are in seat 4 or seat 8, car key poker scanner is not suitable for you anymore. Power bank scanner, the long-range scanning distance scanner, is suitable for you.