Portable Power Bank Scanning Camera for Cheating

Portable power bank scanning camera for cheating is considered as 2020 top 1 external camera for various poker cheating analyzers. Why? Because its speed is the fastest compared with other power banks. Also its wide scanning distance gives a much wider space for reading the cards.

Thought the shapes of power bank is similar, their scanning distance and speed are the biggest difference. So our technicians upgrade the camera in basis of these two aspects.

As for the scanning distance between marked cards and power bank, it can reach to three ranges: 30-60cm, 60-90cm and 90-110cm with about 20cm wide. Thanks to 20cm wide, it can read the cards even the dealer is moving the cards.

And about the speed also shorten the whole time of the poker analyzer. The old generation external camera work very slowly, resulting in a consequence that player miss the time for making blind. So if you want to make a good use of poker hand analyzer, it would be very necessary for you to select a best camera!

Newest power bank camera is also with double lenses which mean it can scan the cards in all directions. That would be much convenient for you to use it without arousing any suspect.

You must not miss such a powerful product if you want to take control of the whole games!

Product Details

The newest portable power bank scanning camera for cheating is 2020 top 1 wireless camera for different poker hand analyzers.


Cameras: 2

Scanning Distance: About 30-110cm

Scanning Width: About 20cm

Detected Marks: Bar-code




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