T-shirt High Speed Poker Cheating Scanning Camera

Do you feel unbelievable that a T-shirt is a cheating device for playing poker games. Don't be surprised. In today's advanced technological society, everything is possible.

T-shirt high speed poker cheating camera is a deceptive scanning lens, which can help you to win in playing poker cards. If you have ever known poker analyzer, then you must realize how important a good poker scanner.

T-shirt poker cheating camera with high scanning speed are very popular among a great number of poker players because of its practicality and high concealment.

When we wear the T-shirt with poker cheating camera near a gambling table, the scanner camera will scan playing cards with invisible barcode and transmit the data to the poker analyzer. The scanning distance of T-shirt poker cheating lens is 30-60cm.

Moreover, you don't need to worry that you will be detected by others, because the scanner camera is installed in our clothes, the quite common objects in our daily life, which captured lesser attention by other people. In casino, poker players often mention the safety means more bonus. Our T-shirt high speed poker cheating camera functions just like real regular clothes. It is removable. Therefore, it is really very convenient for you to use. You can wash your T-shirt as usual, the only thing you need to do is to take off the poker scanner camera.

T-shirt high speed poker cheating cameras are sold by us with the corresponding power bank. They are the combination. When you use it, you need to connect it with the corresponding power bank. Also, you are allowed to purchase more than one power bank for this scanner lens.

T-shirt high speed poker cheating camera is fast, stable, high-definition and accurate. With the help of it, you are able to make right bets when playing poker games. So it is a nice choice for you to pick up one. Do not hesitate. Just place an order on us. We promise that you get products from us with high-quality guarantee and you can receive your goods as soon as possible.

Product Details

The new T-shirt poker scanner camera, which works in high speed and accuracy, makes the poker cheating through poker analyzer much more easier and safer.


Camera: 1

Scanning Distance: About 30-60cm

Scanning Width: About 30cm

Detected Marks: Invisible Barcode




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