TV Scanning Camera Gambling Cheating Devices for Marked Decks

TV casino barcode poker deck inspector does not mean that the whole screen of the TV is the barcode marks scanner. TV is an cover or the shield for the barcode cards scanning camera for TV set is common daily item.
The poker scanning camera is covered inside the TV that no one can notice it and even see it. And it is not like the car key and power bank poker cards reader, TV casino playing deck inspector cannot be placed on your poker table. What is more, in order to scan the invisible ink barcode markings on the edge side of the marked playing cards deck successfully, the scanning camera need to face squarely to barcode playing cards. So, you need to tell us the distance between your TV and the poker table. With the advantage of TV set hanging on the wall or placing on another table, TV marked playing cards scanner can scan juice laser barcode marked cards in the long distance. Once the poker deck inspector scan the barcode marks, the left steps is very easy to go, it means work with poker analyzer devices automatically. Within 2 second, you can get the result by a pair of marked cards audiomonitor or one to one marked poker cards wireless earpiece.
Except for scanning the barcode playing cards, this TV poker deck inspector can also read the IR marked cards. You can see through all the playing cards according to the marks.

Product Information

Camera: 1

Scanning Distance: About 20-80cm

Scanning Width: About 10-30cm

Battery life: 5 hours

Application: Poker Games

Frequency: AKK & CVK & PK


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