Choose the best marked cards for contact lenses

Updated: 2020-12-09

Among the countless selections of marked cards for infrared contact lenses to read, how to choose the best while also the most suitable one for yourself is of great importance.

For the magician

If you are a magician, you can use the marked cards that marked with an ink pen by yourself. Why we encourage magicians to mark the poker cards? In that, magician normally use the paper cards , in this way, it would easily to mark. After marking cards with an invisible ink pen, you would find that there would be a more obvious marking on it.

After all, for card magic show, it is still suitable for audience check them at a relatively long distance. Moreover, the lights in places where magic is performed will be darker, making it harder for the naked eye to see the marks For you, you can read it with the help of infrared contact lenses, let you to identify each card with suit and number at a very short time.

marking machine to mark poker cards for infrared contact lenses

For the poker player

While if you are a poker game player of any level, choosing the marked cards by professional machine is very important.

As we know, a growing number of people know about the marked cards for now. In most cases, they would check the back of card before playing. What if you use the marked playing cards with ink pen, it would be very risky for you to be busted-out.

From the poker news, once the people are being caught, the casino or the poker house he plays would ban him playing any games there forever. Professional quality marked cards can pass the test by human naked eyes with 100 percent easily. Even the famous riffle test can't detect the subtle markings on the cards markings.

What are the differences between marked cards by ink pen and by marking machine?

No.1: People can adjust the ink before markings and our technicians could. In the world, there are thousands of poker cards used in the games. They are with different colors and patterns. Experienced technicians would mix several ink and adjust the dose in order to the markings on the cards are totally invisible to our human eyes. You may ask why not invent an omnipotent luminous invisible ink for sale? Because in the market, the technology of marking still not reach that level.

No.2: Difference in production process also play an vital role in marking effect. Using an ink pen is like to write down the markings as you want. In contrast, 3 steps must be done concerning the marking machine to mark poker cards for infrared contact lenses to read. Adjusting ink is just one of the part, not the whole. The rest 2 step also need to pay attention to it. But because it involves trade secrets, we won’t discuss it in depth here.

So how to choose the best marked cards for infrared contact lenses to read? It depends on what your purpose is. Of course, we would not stop anyone want to try ink pen to mark cards or to use marked cards by professional machine. Because we totally understand and there is always false news that ink pen is very good on the market and while some people and magicians think highly of security. So I guess you may have a clear idea what is your best marked card? If now, please contact me and we would recommend the most suitable one in basis of you inquiry.

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