What is the Best Poker Cheating Device for You?

Updated: 2021-02-24

If you are in the market for poker cheating devices for tricks, but don't know which is the best for you. It is truth that the most expensive is not necessarily the best for you. Totally based on your situation, the best and tailored poker cheating devices will be introduced. Here are some suggestions that may help you a lot.

1. Luminous marked cards to infrared contact lenses

infrared contact lenses to see luminous marked cards

Here we can provide you all brands of marked cards with back markings, such as AVIATOR, Bicycle, KEM, Modiano, Fournier, Copag and so on. All of these marked deck of cards are able to be seen by infrared contact lenses or invisible ink sunglasses directly. This is the most common used poker cheating device for tricks.


  • Easy to operate for everyone;

  • Can be processed with different markings patterns;

  • Very practical and useful but with a relatively lower price.


  • Only one result shown (each card with suit and number);

  • Many poker players used it.

2. Poker analyzer devices for predicting poker hands

poker analyzer to scan barcode marked cards

We not only have AKK poker analyzer, but also owe CVK poker analyzer which are recognized as the best poker analyzers brands. They are good to play with poker games especially in Texas Holdem and Omaha. Except theses two game, our technicians also can design your own poker game if you need. In term of the game rules, our poker card cheating device beyond no doubt are able to predicting the poker hand within 1-2 second.


  • Suitable for different poker games;

  • Can know the different results within short time;

  • 3 ways for reporting result: headphone, speaker and vibrator;

  • Perfect work with different camera with various scanning distance.


  • Practice are required when you buy poker analyzing system;

  • For some wireless camera, dealer as a partner is needed.

3. IR system with special marked poker card

IR camera to scan special marked cards

Besides the above mentioned playing cards cheating devices, we have infrared poker camera for IR marked cards. We know that it is inexorable to stop other player to apply similar cheating device in the game, so if you want to keep the biggest edge at game or not allow other player poach your result. The inimitable poker cheating device for tricks is indispensable. The marked cards in the IR system can only be scanned, this stupendous device which can keep the highest security in the game that you play.


  • Easily pass different test about the cards;

  • No working time limit for general IR scanning system;

  • The marked cards can't be read by poker perspective system and normal scanning system.


  • Need a partner to work with this system;

  • Installing the IR scanner by yourself (very easy buy would take some time).

After reading the above introduction, have you found the best poker cheating device? If not, welcome to contact us via WhatsApp.

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