Contact lenses that can see invisible ink marked cards

Marked cards are popular in these days and they could be used to cheat at playing card games and magic performance show. How to view marked cards?
We have contact lenses that can see invisible ink playing cards, but if the marked cards are laser marked cards, then our infrared contact lenses can see nothing on the back of cards deck. Therefore, you need to notice the difference before buying marked cards. We stock any brand marked playing cards and we also have marked cards for sale to all of you.
We make invisible marks on the back of any normal playing cards and then they become marked cards for contact lenses. If you do not have infrared contact lenses or marked cards sunglasses, marked cards make no sense, just like non marked poker cards for you. We sell marked Bicycle playing cards, Copag marked decks, Bee juice deck markings, Aviator marked poker card and other brands luminous marked cards, etc. You can purchase the one suitable for you. These marking playing cards are made by cards marking ink and card marking printer.