How to View Marked Cards?

Updated: 2021-02-23

Marked cards are popular in these days and they could be used to cheat at playing card games and magic performance show. How to view marked cards? To this question, poker perspective system (infrared contact lenses and poker cheating glasses) is supposed to be mentioned.

Given that you heard about the poker contact lenses and marked cards glasses for the first time, it is not a bad idea to know about how marked cards and poker perspective system work.

Introduction to marked cards

Marked cards developed for hundreds of years. From the very beginning, these cards are marked with the small but visible numbers or points on cards' back. Due to low cost and easy operation, as soon as this product was launched, people were crazy about it. After practice, the players or the magicians could identify each card within 2-3 second. While with more and more people used these cards, some casinos and poker houses started to check the cards before playing. Some pro technicians came up with an idea: would it possible to process the poker cards with invisible ink markings which are totally invisible to our human nude eyes while can be read by some special glasses or contacts? Put this idea into practice was not an easy things. Thanks to the great improvement of technology, Shading has become the new marking technology for now. This technique uses a tint solution to mark cards, but the marking patterns vary depending upon the back design of the cards being marked. Learn More

What are infrared contact lenses and poker sunglasses?

Infrared contact lenses and poker glasses that are designed in the basis of spectrum are for reading marked playing cards. We know that our human eyes can't see all the lights, such as ultraviolet rays or X ray. When making invisible ink contact lenses or glasses, we mainly use infrared ray, such as 600-730 this spectrum. In this way, when we wear the special contact lenses or glasses, we can see the markings on the marked cards.

spectrum of light

For different color of eyes, our technicians make different sizes so that you can choose the best and most suitable one for yourself. Different to the normal contacts we use in the daily life, these lenses only kept them in the pure water. Hence they can be used about one year if you keep them as instructed. And even at a darker environment, our lenses are still able to read the marked poker cards well at a closer distance or at a longer distance.

After knowing about the above details, for now you can have a clear idea about how to view marked cards. All in all, choosing the good and suitable infrared contact lenses or poker cheating sunglasses, you are able to view the marked poker cards.