How to see invisible ink without a blacklight?

Updated: 2021-02-22

How to read invisible ink? How to make invisible ink visible? Many poker players have known marked cards with invisible ink could be seen by special contact lenses or glasses. The magic secret in poker fields, even magic show performance has been spread.

It is said that people can use a backlight to see invisible ink marks hidden marked cards. But how to see invisible ink marks without a blacklight? Actually, theses situation does not exist. But we can get the help with invisible ink reader devices to read invisible ink markings without a blacklight, such as invisible ink glasses, infrared contact lenses and infrared camera. All of these magic poker cards viewer are mainly designed for reading luminous juice marks of marking cards with invisible ink.

invisible ink pen for marking cards special glasses to see invisible ink without a blacklight

How to make your own invisible ink? There has homemade invisible ink recipe for you to make uv ink or homemade invisible ink. If you would like to know how to make an invisible ink pen with lemon juice, write to us and you will get invisible ink recipe. With these secret cards tricks, no matter what kind of light, you can see invisible ink marks clearly and work better in poker games or perform well in magic show!

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