Cohort Red and Blue Marked Poker Cards for Poker Game

Ellusionist is a company that makes magic products and playing cards. Recently came the big news that they had produced a new ultra-thin deck of playing cards, the Blue Cohorts deck. Cohort marked playing cards also have red deck, the regular one. Blue Cohort marked decks are thinner than Red decks. If you like thinner feeling, Cohort blue decks are more recommended. Cohort marked poker cheat cards are available in most poker games, like Omaha, Blackjack and Baccarat etc. So you can apply these cards in any gambling games.

In order to have better marks, we will remove some patterns on the original Cohort poker decks and print the marks there. By this way, the marks will be more concealed. If you have no instructions, you won’t discover the hidden marks and don’t understand what they mean. When you buy them, we will send you a instruction card or a video to you. Soon, you will be ease-of-use with it.

Product Specifications

Color: red, blue

Size: poker size

Index: 2pip regular index

Application: poker tricks, magic shows

Content: 52 cards + 2 jokers

Company: EPCC




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