Special Amazing Marked Playing Cards

The invisible ink marked playing cards for infrared contact lenses and those barcode marked cards for phone analyzer are not any secrets to those who play poker a lot. Some customers are always looking for some new or other more secret products. This is the right place for you if you need any special marked poker cards.

We can meet your requirements of trying different kinds of special poker marked cards. 1stly, you can get the undetectable invisible code marked cards for naked eyes and no need to worry about being detected by others with invisible ink readers. 2ndly, you can know the number and suit of every cards by using the inductive marked cards. 3rdly, special infrared ink marked cards for camera is a good choice if you have a partner to work together. We have some other kind of marked decks.

And also please let me know if you have some other requirements for the marking playing cards for cheating.