Phoenix Marked Decks Set for Magic Show

The dream comes true for all magicians and poker players who love to use marked decks. Unlike other marked poker with invisible markings, marks on Phoenix marked decks set are extremely visual as they are perfectly blended into the design of Phoenix backs.

Phoenix marked deck is designed for professional magicians and poker lovers who expect quality. It is not easy for players to search all markings on marked Phoenix poker at the first time. Visible markings are situated at spot right in the corner, or you can customize your own special markings but with a larger orders.

Available with red and blue Phoenix back cards, they are as innocent-looking as other decks. Phoenix marked poker cards are easier to read than most. The markings on poker deck is ideal and concealed well. Choose from red or blue when you check out. Also save money the more you buy in our store.

Product Information

Cards Contain: 2 Jokers, Black Face & Game Cards

Origin: USA

Available Color: Blue & Red

Material: Paper

Size: Poker size

Application: Magic Shows & Casino Games




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