AKK Poker Analyzer for Barcode Marked Cards

AKK poker cards analyzer is a comprehensive poker cheating device. Different to infrared contact lenses and marked cards, AKK poker cards analyzer can tell you not only each card with suit and number but also the best hand, the best second hand, or even the whole ranking. No need to detect marked cards with red filter, poker players just hear about the results carefully when using the AKK poker cards analyzer at poker games. AKK odd calculator is for barcode marked poker cards, and it also works with mini earpiece and a remote controller. If you want to take advantage of AKK analyzer system, to know how it work is essential. On the first place, the local scanner inside the poker analyzer or wireless camera scans the barcode marked within its scanning distances. Secondly, the scanner will transmit the barcode image to winning predictor which will analyze the data. Lastly, AKK poker analyzer for cheat will tell the 100 percent correct result to poker player by a mini earphone. It just spends 0.1 second in finishing the whole working process. About the remote controller, it aims to change the number of players in the games.

ALL in all, AKK poker cheating analyze is perfect all poker games you play. With it, your victory at poker is 100% guaranteed.