AKK K3 Poker Cheating Cards Analyzer

AKK K3 is an all-in-one analyzer that has a playing cards scanning lens inside with the analyzer. And you can use a wireless scanning camera like lighter camera to read the barcode marked cards for it.

K3 has a high speed to analyze the information and tell you result within 0.1 second after scanning the edge side barcode marked poker cards.

With the help of AKK K3 in Texas Holdem, Baccarat, Omaha, Flush etc poker games, you can know the results in line with different games. Besides, it has a Bluetooth which other poker card analyzers do not possess of. Secretly, you can receive the final result through the Bluetooth earpiece.

AKK K3 has a remote control which can change the number of players on analyzer secretly.

The K3 playing cards analyzer is also a normal smart cell phone for making phone calls and sending messages. Thus you can install your own SIM card into this online analyzer. The phone of analyzer can also down load music, take pictures and so on. No one will pay attention to it as a smart phone when you take it.

Product Information

Language: English, Chinese, Russian

Available Games: three

Report Speed: 0.1s

Scanning distance: 20cm-40cm

Origin: Made in China

Scanning camera: 1 local camera


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