How To Calculate Poker Odds For Texas Holdem Games

This Scanning System is developed specially for one of the most famous poker games in the world-Texas Holdem. Our Texas Holdem Scanning System is operated by only one person and is definitely the best and the most advanced device in predicting the hands of Texas Holdem.
A mini stealth wireless earpiece and edge side barcode marked cards, Texas poker analyzer and poker scanning lens (could be disguised as a button, mobile or cigarette box etc.) consist of the complete Texas Holdem scanning system. What is more, all kinds of playing methods are supported by this Texas Holdem scanning system. In order to meet the requirement of numerous poker lovers in the world, we have set this Texas Holdem scanning system in many different languages.
Without any help from a computer or partner, you will know the outcome of the game and the accuracy is 100% guaranteed. Before the poker games, you just need to ready all the poker equipment, and then, the data after scanning the laser bar code invisible ink marked decks will be reported to you. Our latest poker cheating devices have a fast speed for reporting cards, and it only takes 0.1 seconds reporting cards.
We are trying our best to build the best single analyzer in the world to make it strong, and practical high concealment.

Product Information


1. 1 remote controller

2. 2 batteries or 3 batteries

3. 1 charger

Application: Poker Games

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