Super Long Rande Lamp Reader Poker Cheating Device For Marked Decks

Imagine that you are entering a room with a lamp, and will you observe carefully or just take a hurried look at the lamp? I think for most of us will just take a hurried look. So, this super long-range chandelier cards camera is really safety and suitable for you cheating in the poker games.

As a spy camera, the size of the super long-range lamp scanning lens will not occupy a lot of space. It is not difficult to find a little hole for the camera. You just need to adjust the suitable angle between the invisible ink barcode marked decks and the super long-range lamp poker lens for better cooperation.

The longest scanning distance of long distance lamp scanning lens is 5 meter. So, the farther of the barcode marked cards, the higher of the spy camera to place. It means that if your poker table is 80 cm, and you want to put the poker scanner 3 meters away, the height of the scanning camera is 1.2 meters.

Inside the poker spy scanner lamp, there is a signal transmitter to send the scanning image to the juice cards marking scanning system. Once the poker winner system receive the semaphore, it will analyze the barcode graphics and reveal to you the scanning outcome by a tiny earpiece.

The time from this poker spy camera begin to scan the barcode cheating playing cards, to it finally tell you who the winners are just about 1 second. From my view, this super long-range lamp scanning camera is very suitable for the customers who want a higher secrecy.

Product Information

Camera: 1

Scanning Distance: About 5m

Scanning Width: About 20cm

Battery life: 5 hours

Application: Poker Games

Processed Manufacturer: GS Company


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