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PK King Three Scanning Wallet Barcode Marked Poker Camera
GS luminous ink contact lenses marked cards suppliers rolled out the latest amazing three playing cards scanner inside wallet in the market. This wonderful and fashionable wallet with three scanning camera which have the function of reading invisible ink marks edge side marked poker cards. And it is suitable for poker players to use in poker gam... Read More >
Vacuum Cup Marking Playing Cards Scanner
There has no life without water. Everybody needs drink water every day. And when you drink, you should use a cup to fill the water. And you will put the cup onto the table if you want to drink, right? I will introduce an advanced cup with poker scanner camera lens to you all which is one kind of poker cheating devices.This is new design vac... Read More >
PK King Lighter Scanner For Reading Invisible Ink Marked Cards
Lighter scanning camera is a real lighter for scanning barcode invisible ink marked cards. It is difficult to cause the attention of other people when you cheating at poker games. Lighter scanning camera is one of the best cameras in the market. GS marked cards Company has rolled out the latest PK King scanner lens.From the outward look, yo... Read More >
KTZ Horizontal Lighter Scanning Poker Camera
Playing cards scanner plays an important role in scanning secret laser marked cards. KTZ lighter poker playing cards scanner camera lens is one kind of lighter marked cards scanning readers which can see invisible ink marking cards in any casino poker games or private playing cards games.This kind of lighter scanning camera with remote cont... Read More >
Short Scanning Distance Lighter Poker Camera For Cards Analyzer
This kind of lighter has the same outward appearance as ordinary lighter in black color. This kind of lighter remains the function of lighting a fire for daily usage like lighting a cigarette.Lighter invisible ink playing cards scanning camera is suitable for poker players used in all kinds of games such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Andar or Oma... Read More >
Latest Barcode Playing Cards Scanner
More and more people know the marked cards tricks and poker analyzer system. If the person who find your magic to marked cards and poker cheat devices, he also knows poker results in advance.One to one poker camera can help you solve this problem. This kind of poker camera can be set inside the clothes cuff, so that it has good place to s... Read More >
Hot Sale Watch Camera Lens | Watch Poker Scanning Camera
Sport Watch Poker Camera LensProcessing a sport watch as a poker scanner is not a easy work, especially we should keep itself ... Read More >
Poker Table Hidden Camera Cheating Device For Texas Holdem
The poker table is a table especially designed for playing poker card games. Poker cameras can help poker players cheat in poker games by scanning barcode marked poker cards. Here we introduce you to our casino poker table with cameras for Texas Holdem, which is one of the most recommended device for poker analyzers. Texas Holdem tables are an i... Read More >
T-shirt high speed poker scanner camera lens
Do you feel unbelievable that a T-shirt is a cheating device for playing poker games. Don't be surprised. In today's advanced technological society, everything is possible.T-shirt high speed poker cheating camera is a deceptive scanning lens, which can help you to win in playing poker cards. If you have ever known poker analyzer, ... Read More >
Long Range Poker Cards Lens In Wall Clock
Is it true that wall clock is a really ordinary thing in our daily life? We even will ignore it when we come into a room. And that exactly give us a chance to make some change to the wall clock for helping poker players to win in their gamble poker game.The marked cards scanning lens with mini size so that it can be installed into the wall ... Read More >
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