Double Lens Remote Control Lighter Scanning Poker Camera

Playing cards scanner plays an important role in scanning secret laser marked cards. KTZ lighter poker playing cards scanner camera lens is one kind of lighter marked cards scanning readers which can see invisible ink marking cards in any casino poker games or private playing cards games.
This kind of lighter scanning camera with remote control can switch camera on or off. It is conveniently for you to swift. This kind of KTZ lighter has no difference with common lighter and it is difficult to arouse attention of other poker players at poker games.
With built-in three frequency, KTZ lighter marked playing cards scanner could be switch cyclically. Its scanning distance could be reached at 23-25cm. The battery of this kind of double lens KTZ lighter can last up about 4h, you can change it when running out. If you do not use lighter scanning camera, please remove the battery and charge with energy source by marked cards universal charger for next time usage.

Product Information

Camera: 2

Scanning Distance: About 23-25cm

Scanning Width: About 10-25cm

Battery life: 4 hours

Application: Poker Games

Brand: KTZ


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