Customized Ashtray Poker Scaner Cheating Device Camera for Barcode Cards

If you think it is inconvenient to take the ashtray with you, or you do not often playing in casino, our newest ashtray barcode cards reader maybe suitable for you.

It is a real ashtray that we just build a barcode playing cards camera inside it. As long as you turn the scanning camera in the direction of the edge side barcode cards, it will scan the barcode and send the scanning image to the poker analyzer or poker winning predictor. In the end, you can obtain the poker cards results by a wireless stealth earpiece.

Ordinarily, the scanning range is from 8 cm to 60 cm. If you do not place the ashtray barcode cards reader far beyond the scanning distance, the whole set of poker cheating machine will give you the final results with 1 second. As for the working time of this ashtray barcode playing cards scanner is 3 hours. When you realize that it is close to the time, you can exchange the battery of the ashtray poker scanner secretly.

If you need to customize ashtray to be built up the barcode cards scanner, you can tell us, we can buy it online. Or you can buy our ashtray scanner directly. The photo behind is the example.

Product Information

Camera: 1

Scanning Distance: About 70cm

Scanning Width: About 10cm

Battery life: 4 hours

Application: Poker Games

Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days




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  • Name: Eli DiMarco2020-03-31 13:50:25

  • Content: What’s the price on the lenses
  • Reply: hello, dear friend. The message is already sent by Email, please check it and feel free to contact me. Best Regards
  • Name: John2020-03-28 06:07:29

  • Content: Please tell me once again how to contact you regarding the lenses and copag decks. Tkx
  • Reply: Hello, dear friend. Nice to have your inquiry here. For more details, you can contact me by WhatsApp: 008615018972989

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