Blackjack Shoe Poker Scanning Camera For Normal Cards

Do you want to see through the playing cards just like magician? If you do, you need to have some magician props, such as the common playing cards. And do you wanna see through the playing cards inside blackjack shoe? If you do, our product blackjack shoe camera seeing regular deck of playing cards can help you.

This magician blackjack shoe is made of black plastic. In order to increase the security, we use some special plastic materials to produce some part of blackjack shoe. With this kind of material, the poker camera can see through the cover case. You can see the poker suit and point directly from a monitor. No one can notice the difference between the special part and the normal part of the blackjack shoe.

Of course, you cannot watch the monitor in front of other poker players, and you can cooperate with your friend. You guys can set up the monitor and the signals receiver in another poker room, and one of you tell the other what have he see from the monitor by an interphone and a pair of bugging earpiece. You guys can see one playing cards at one time.

As for the working power of this blackjack shoe camera is about several hours. It is enough for you to playing one poker game. And after the battery is running low, you can charge it with its own charging cable. No worry about the charging hole, we handling it well.

If you want to see through the playing cards like the magician, you must try this poker camera blackjack shoe. And if you want to win the game as well, you must try this blackjack shoe poker for seeing normal deck of playing cards.

Product Information

Camera: 1

Scanning Distance: About 20-40cm

Scanning Width: About 10cm

Battery life: 4 hours

Application: Poker Games

Frequency: AKK & CVK & PK


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