E-Cigarette Gambling Cheating Devices Marked Cards Camera

Electronic cigarette marked cards cameras, as one of the best-sell poker cameras, can be used to work with various poker analyzers and barcode marked cards.

In casino, a great number of players would use various kinds of electronic cigarette while playing card games. These devices are used to be a indispensable part of casino or house game. Take advantage of this point, our technicians manage to install a mini camera inside the e-cigarette, so that it can scan the invisible ink marked cards, transmitting the image to your poker analyzer.

This poker camera can be for reading at range of 8-15cm and 20-40cm. Given that you have a dealer as a partner, 8-15cm scanning distance would be good to you. If you said "I just want to play trick by myself", ok, that is not a problem. 20-40cm scanning distance also can fully meet your requirement. Turn on the camera, scanning barcode marked cards, the poker hand analyzer will signal you who will be best poker hand via a mini ear bud.

During this process, if you want to smoke, you can just use it as a normal electronic cigarette and have a leisure. Totally safe to use it in the poker game. That is the reason why some clients use it for poker tricks at the most times.

The most common used device doesn't mean it is easy to arouse the players' suspicion, but is very popular to poker tricks. If you like using electronic cigarette, and want to have a good device for your poker analyzing system.

Product Details

The e-cigarette poker camera is not only perfect in quality, but also considered by poker players to be one of the best poker cheating devices.


Price: Contact Us

Camera: 1

Scanning Range: 8-15cm and 20-40cm

Detected Cards: Invisible Barcode Marked Cards




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