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High Quality Bicycle Poker Cheat Cards

Bicycle poker cheat cards are a deck of magic cards which is machined by luminous ink on its back. Keeping unfading effect as long as one month, perfect for making poker magic tricks in the games or magic shows and compatible for all kinds of invisible ink glasses and ultra sunglasses are the shining points of Bicycle magic cards. On the other hand, marking on the Bicycle poker cards will not change their original superior quality. Although many players use it in the poker card games, we highly recommend our customers to use Bicycle poker cheating cards in the magic show.

Bicycle poker cheat cards never disappoint our customers. The biggest edge of Bicycle poker cheating cards is that they are invisible to our naked eyes. No matter how many times you shuffle Bicycle poker marked cards, the marking of these cards will not disappear when wearing infrared contact lenses or sunglasses. Or immersing Bicycle poker marking cards in the water, bending Bicycle marked cards heavily or other method, the suits and numbers in luminous invisible ink are still perfect for all kinds of infrared contact lenses and ultra sunglasses thanks to its strong durability as well as flexibility.

Bicycle marked poker cards for magic show

In the magic show, a magician with a deck of good quality cards is of great importance. As the professional supplier and manufacturer, we always suggest magicians to use Bicycle cards with luminous invisible ink. As long as you take advantage of these cards, finishing the magic show successfully as easy as pie. Since the audience cannot read your special cards even at a very close-up distance, hence if you are looking for this kind of Bicycle marking cards around, our company is the best choice for you!

Therefore if you are interested in reading more details about Bicycle poker cheat cards, you can feel free to contact me.