CVK 600 Poker Cheating Analyzer for Texas Holdem

As more and more people like playing poker in the world, there are more relevant cheating devices for poker tricks appear. And CVK 600 is a quite effective tool to help you to win in poker games. It's one of the first poker analyzers that has a local scanning camera to scan marked cards.

CVK 600 poker cheating analyzer has some improvements in comparison to others launched before.

Different from the former versions which the appearances are similar with Samsung phone, CVK 600 playing cards analyzer is a type of iPhone poker analyzers. Also, it has a wider scanning scope.

Moreover, CVK 600 has two original sound transmission functions, that is, the reporting sound can not only be transmitted through a traditional earpiece, but also through a one to one digital earpiece.

What's more, the most shinning point of CVK 600 poker cheating analyzer for Texas Hold'em is that it can work with many kinds of poker scanner cameras, like power bank poker scanner, chip tray barcode reader camera and so much more.

Maybe you are interested that how it works in Texas Holdem poker game?

1. Turn on analyzer and put it in a reasonable area;

2. Put the battery on earphone and connect the analyzer;

3. Put the password to enter the scanning system and chose the games as Texas Holdem.

4. Setting up the number of poker players(you also can modify the number of players by remote control) and the way to show poker result(first winner, first winner or second winner or others).

5. Choosing voice model as "earpieces" and camera model as "local camera".

When those basic functions were settled, the CVK 600 poker cheating analyzer can predict the result with 100% accurately.

There is one thing deserve your attention is that you can increase or reduce the number of players by press the button of the remote control.

All in all, CVK 600 poker cheating analyzer is very convenient for you to use. With the help of it, your winning odds will be increased greatly. If you want to know more about it, you can contact us by cell phone or WhatsApp.

Product Details

The new CVK poker analyzer device CVK 600 with best price is launched.

Price: Contact us for price

Brand: CVK

Original Phone: Iphone 8 plus

Cards System: Barcode marked cards cheating system

Battery Time: 5-10 hours




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